MCEDC Strategic Plan

2015-2017 Medina County Economic Development Corporation Strategic Plan
(Print or Download the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan Summary here)

The strategic plan for 2015-2017 was approved by the board in June of 2015.  The plan begins with where MCEDC should get involved.  These areas include targeted business retention, expansion and attraction projects, member services, defined workforce initiatives and defined entrepreneurship initiatives.  This was an important first step in setting the ground work on making decisions when to get involved in projects and when it belongs to another organization or group.

The two goals identified to drive the plan are:

  1. Add value to the Medina County economic footprint through advocacy and development of new opportunities.
  2. Be a sustainable organization

Under these two goals are five areas of focus.  They are:

  1. Client Relationship Management
  2. Organizational Effectiveness
  3. Engaged, Sustainable Membership
  4. Relationship Effectiveness
  5. Financial and Operational Stability

Each section of the plan is further divided up into specific initiatives with descriptions to relate them back to the areas of focus.  Further, each initiative comes with a measure that is tied to both a timeframe and a key performance indicator.

Overall the plan does cover three years but has more in 2015 than 2017 as the plan will continue to evolve and develop.  The team has already been working from the plan and has found it a great way to evaluate new projects, define scope of work and ensure the team is working together.

The following are the initiatives being taken on by the MCEDC:

  • Continual improvement and implementation of effective project management activities (including company expansion projects, incentives management, and real estate database maintenance)
  • Continue to build resources for entrepreneurship to help solve business challenges by promoting members
  • Determine the overall desired revenue needed from member dues and non-member dues to ensure long-term viability and sustainability of MCEDC
  • Develop a Membership Plan to recruit a diversified membership base that balances geography, industry and size
  • Develop and implement a Membership Training Plan including guidelines and expectations for general members, committee chairs, committee members, board members, and executive board members
  • Develop and implement a plan to achieve strong, healthy relationships with government partners throughout county
  • Develop and implement a robust MCEDC Member Visitation Program that includes MCEDC staff, Board members, and Ambassador Committee visits to 80% or higher of member companies per year
  • Develop and implement a targeted marketing strategy to achieve the goals and objectives laid out in MCEDC Strategic Plan, including outreach with other partners
  • Develop and implement continuity of operations plans for critical MCEDC staff services
  • Establish and maintain strategic regional, political, and business partnerships (i.e.., port authority, workforce alliance, tourism board, Team NEO, etc.)
  • Evaluate current advocacy efforts and maintain targeted areas of advocacy
  • Implement continual improvement of member & special event programming to add value to members
  • Maintain robust Business Retention and Expansion program
  • Organize collaborative effort to determine long-term economic development goals for Medina County (incubator, community venture fund, etc.)
  • Prioritize participation “by design” with local and regional development and other organizations by determining how their missions align with MCEDC, how MCEDC can add value to other organizations in the region and determining the opportunity cost of participation
  • Promote affinity programs that provide value and cost savings
  • Promote the Medina County Fiber Network
  • Update personnel job descriptions (with well-defined roles & responsibilities) & personnel evaluation process, establish SMART goals, and align responsibilities of Board and committee members