School Events

In order to build our workforce pipeline, we need to be sure our students understand career opportunities available to them right here in Medina County. To that end, we have the following events already scheduled in our schools! Be sure to register for the events you wish to participate in as many have limits and they will fill up!

September 25 – Cloverleaf High School Senior Career Day:
Employment, Education, Enlistment – Seniors will learn all about their options after graduation. They will hear from the military, meet with schools and technical programs, meet with companies, and perform mock interviewers. We need both companies to participate as well as mock interviewers. Please register at

 September 26 – 6:30 pm – Engineer Panel at Brunswick High School – please sign up your engineers to speak to students interested in engineering. The goal is to help them identify the types of engineering available and make an informed decision about the type of engineering they wish to do before they get to college. To register your engineer, please email Kathy Breitenbucher at

 November 1 – 8:00 am – 10:00 am – Wadsworth High School Career Day – Students sign up for two sessions and hear from business leaders about their careers. This is a great event and has been going on for many years. Please reach out to Jodie Mcinnes at to register. 

 February 1 – 9:30 am – 10:30 am – Juvenile Detention Center – It is vital we help show kids who have made mistakes there are good choices for them as they go on with their lives. Register by emailing Kathy Breitenbucher at

April 27 – Black River High School Career Day – 31% of Black River Local Schools graduates go to college so we definitely want to help these students learn about career opportunities in their back yards! This event will cover the school day and more details will be forthcoming. Register at

March 25 – Wadsworth High School Career Day – Now in it’s fourth year, the Wadsworth High School Career Fair brings juniors and seniors to meet with companies and learn about the great businesses in and around Wadsworth. These students include those going to college and those trying to decide their future. Many are also looking for summer employment. 
Most teachers are also either assigning questions to be asked or giving extra credit to those students that engage with the companies so this is a great opportunity to interact with young people and get your message out! Register at