When running a busy company, there isn’t time to know all the government players, everyone involved in all manner of help for businesses, and everyone in your community. But when you need those individuals, you need to know where to turn. That is why the Medina County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) was created – to help companies find the resources they need to come to Medina County, grow and thrive here.

Connections – MCEDC can bring you the partners and services you need to achieve your goals. We work with all levels of government locally, regionally, state and federal to know who would be the best help in any situation. We know the right service providers to help you achieve your goals and our member meetings are great places to meet the movers and shakers in Medina County.

Capital – Our goal is to help you build and grow your business and often times that requires financing. Through our partnerships with other organizations and our knowledge of the options, we can bring you financing options the bank may not realize are available.

Commercial Property – Ready to move to Medina County? Already here but need to expand? We have an inventory of all the industrial and larger commercial property available in the county. Check it out on our property database or contact us today! 330-722-9215.