2019-2021 Medina County Economic Development Corporation Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for 2019-2021 should be approved by the Board of Directors on December 13, 2018.  The plan begins with where MCEDC should get involved. These areas include targeted business retention, expansion, and attraction projects, member services, defined workforce initiatives and defined entrepreneurship initiatives.

The two goals identified in the plan are to add value to the Medina County economic footprint through advocacy and development of new opportunities and to be a sustainable organization.

Under these two goals are six areas of focus. They are:

Client Relationship management   
Relationship Effectiveness
Organizational Effectiveness   
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Engaged, Sustainable Membership  
Financial and Operational Stability

Each section of the plan is divided up into specific initiatives with descriptions to relate them back to the areas of focus. Further, each initiative comes with a measure that is tied to both a timeframe and a key performance indicator.

Some of the Key Objectives Undertaken in the Strategic Plan:

  • Continual improvement and implementation of effective project management activities (including company expansion projects, incentives management, and real estate database maintenance)
  • Continue to build resources for entrepreneurship to help solve business challenges by promoting members
  • Establish and maintain strategic regional, political, and business partnerships (i.e. Port Authority, workforce alliance, tourism board, Team NEO, etc.)
  • Implement continual improvement of member and special event programming to add value to members
  • Maintain robust Business Retention and Expansion program
  • Promote the Medina County Fiber Network
  • Lead the Made in Medina County efforts
  • Address workforce challenges throughout the county
  • Work with townships, villages, and cities to create more synergies for development
  • Work with appropriate organizations to find new and creative solutions to transportation challenges
  • Assist with the development of affordable housing options
  • Explore new funding sources for MCEDC