The Made in Medina County effort is a collaborative approach to building the brand of manufacturing in Medina County. Our goals include getting workers interested in manufacturing careers, educating the public on how manufacturing influences the economy both as a nation and locally, and to support our manufacturers in the work they do. The effort, headed by Medina County Economic Development Corporation, brings together the cities of Brunswick, Medina, and Wadsworth, the Chambers of Commerce of Medina, Northern Medina County, and Wadsworth, the Medina County Commissioners, Leadership Medina County, and a number of businesses from around the county.

On even-numbered years we host Made in Medina County Day. In 2018 we held 25 tours in 19 manufacturing plants with 420 people touring and 14 elected officials working in the plants. We’ll be planning even more for 2020! Visit to view all the tours and register!