Spencer is a village that is located in Spencer Township with a population of approximately 2,419.

The Village of Spencer and Spencer Township have a Cooperative Economic Development Agreement (CEDA) which is 68 acres that is now the village’s light industrial zoned industrial park. A Lorain-Medina Rural Development Company project, the annexed land will benefit from the village’s water and sewer services.

The community has an active Economic Development Committee working on developing new businesses and encouraging the growth and redevelopment of its quaint downtown.


Village of Spencer Demographics

Population (2014, est.) 1,002
Unemployment Rate (2012) 6.4%
Median Household Income (2010) $51,989
High school and above 87.7%
Bachelor’s degree and above 15.0%
Master’s degree and above 3.6%
Homeownership Rate 83.0%
Median Home Value $141,053
Travel Time to Work
Less than 15 minutes 17.2%
15 to 30 minutes 40.6%
30 to 45 minutes 18.2%
45 to 60 minutes 12.7%
60 minutes or more 11.3%

*Data above from Profiles of Ohio (Grey House Publishing).