Medina County Port Authority

The Medina County Port Authority (MCPA) endeavors to build and sustain a competitive business environment in Medina County by utilizing its unique powers to enhance economic development through marketing and innovative financing.

The Medina County Economic Development Corporation serves as the MCPA Administrator.  Port authorities have the power to finance, build, and lease industrial, commercial, research and distribution, charitable and public projects (additional information available here).   MCPA’s goals are as follows:

  • Seek innovative ways to develop, implement and enhance Medina County’s infrastructure through creative marketing and financing projects
  • Support the County-wide development organizations in marketing the competitive advantages of Medina County
  • Create and retain jobs in Medina County
  • Utilize and implement all the tools available to a Port Authority granted by the State of Ohio

Medina County Fiber Network

The Medina County Fiber Network (MCFN) provides businesses and institutions with affordable, robust broadband services for local, regional and global connectivity.

Innovation Park

Innovation Park is the perfect place to grow your business with educational resources right in the neighborhood through Akron University’s Medina County University Center. For more information, contact Bethany Dentler at