Business Advisory Council

Business advisory councils foster cooperation among schools, businesses and the communities they serve. This work ensures that the work of educators aligns with the needs of businesses. This cooperation can make a local education system more aware of the local labor market; promote work-based experiences within businesses; and help students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities.

Purpose of Business Advisory Council
Building a local workforce for the future requires our schools to anticipate jobs that do not exist yet, provide skills that have not been supported at the all levels of government, and partner closely with the local business community. In Medina County, we have a strong corporate base that values our educational institutions as well as schools that are very receptive to working with our business community.

In 2018 the Medina County Economic Development Corporation was asked by the Educational Service Center of Medina County to convene a group of business professionals along with six school districts to serve as their Business Advisory Councils. Members of the Council volunteered to participate and meet monthly throughout the year. The membership represents the diverse business climate in Medina County including manufacturing, professional services, financial services, construction, and healthcare.

The purpose of the Business Advisory Council is to identify skills needed and suggest ways to teach them, advise on the types of jobs available, and create a relationship between our business, labor, and education communities. Joint Statement – 2023.

Goal: Soft Skills Training for Students Through Own Your Skill

The BAC determined our most important goal to be incorporating soft skills training into the curriculum. It was understood a number of these skills are in the curriculum, but it was noted that companies need to understand what is taught and there may be holes in the current curriculum. As an extension of the original project, the group undertook Own Your Skill and has built on the platform for several years. The goal is to help students recognize the job skills they build through school and extra curriculars. 

Goal: Support the Pre-Apprentice Program

In the fall of 2021, Buckeye Counselors approached MCEDC to build a pre-apprentice program. With the help of a grant from the Summit Medina Workforce Board, a program to help students adapt to the work environment and be able to graduate high school using the pre-apprentice path was development. Approved by the state in May of 2022, as of May 2023 over 150 students have graduated under the program.

Goal: Support Career Exploration Programs

All eight school districts in the county are engaged in bringing companies into the schools to help students connect with careers. The BAC supports these programs. 

In accordance with Ohio’s Sunshine Laws, the BAC’s minutes are available here.